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 “It’s the most beautiful music I’ve ever heard!” is a phrase often used by listeners of Hanai’s debut album “INSPIRATION”.


 Hanai herself is no less than amazed that the music she wrote and performed for her leukemia-stricken Himalayan kitty has so deeply and emotionally affected so many people around the world.


“I’ve had trouble keeping up with all the orders” she confides, typically selling 500 or more albums a month from her appearances across the Midwest and beyond.


Born in Oakland, CA in 1955, Hanai is actually the affectionate nickname given to Kris Lee-Scott many years ago which means ‘adopted one’ in Hawaiian.   At age 4 she could play piano, by age 6 she played ‘stride’ piano, at 12 could sing the entire Handel’s Messiah by heart, and has owned a music education business, been in numerous plays, musicals and melodramas, even cast in a movie by PARAMOUNT PICTURES. She has lived and travelled all over California from Stinson Beach to Lake Tahoe, and the coastal redwoods.  She has also lived in Coloma, CA, Salt Lake City, UT, and Madison, WI. and now resides in Titusville, FK, her headquarters for HANAI MUSIC, where she records and books shows all over the south.


Many people find it hard to believe that she can play more than 20 instruments and is completely self-taught on all of them.  They include: piano, keyboard, organ, synthesizer, flute, hammer dulcimer, guitar, accordion, banjo, clarinet, drums and many percussion instruments as well.  She does not read music, and never had a lesson.


Each of her compositions is designed to relax and ease the mind, body and soul of the listeners, with a tempo of between 50 and 70 beats per minute.  This slower pulse reduces heart rate, breathing and stress levels, while increasing focus, concentration and creativity.  


But most people love it because of the elegantly simple, yet lingering melodies and gorgeous harmonies.  Some say the music is haunting, staying with you for hours after listening.  “And people like that I play all the instruments and parts of each song one at a time.”


Hanai is surprisingly easy to talk to, even though she not only runs her own business, acts as publicity director, financial advisor, booking agent, manages employees and teaches music classes; she also works with teachers, health care workers, charities while performing in a variety of venues. 

In recent years she has retired from touring and stays closer to home while working with seniors to help them navigate the new technologies of today, specializing in Apple computers, devices and software.  After more than 25 years on the road and recording every album on Apple iMacs while additionally creating websites and graphics for small businesses and individuals who want to stand out from the crowd.

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