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“In May 1992 I received the news my beautiful Himalayan kitty was dying of feline leukemia. I had just moved to Salt Lake City from California with no family or friends except “Kea” (Pronounced KAY-ya). As I watched my treasured pet deteriorate in pain, I felt an overwhelming need to tell her how much I loved her. So I wrote “KEA’s SONG” A few days later she died in my arms.”

“I sent a tape of the song to my family in California. My brother Peter was very ill, yet called me and said something that changed my life. He told me “Kris, this song is just wonderful. My whole family listens to it and we just
cry. “You need to quit your job and write music full time.” That was the last I ever spoke to him, because Peter himself passed away seven days later at the age of 35.”

“I believe a great gift has been given to me,, and my gift in return, is to share my music with as many people as possible. If you enjoy listening to my music, please pass it on to your family and friends, and write or email me with your comments. Thank you for sharing my love and spirit.”

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